Dynamic Interior, Exterior Painting

Dynamic Interior, Exterior Painting

Dynamic Interior, Exterior PaintingDynamic Interior, Exterior PaintingDynamic Interior, Exterior Painting

Painting Spaces for all your places!

About Us

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We are a client conscious company

 When DSR first opened its doors we specialized in stucco repair only. Over the years many of our clients have asked us if we could help them with painting and renovations. We have assembled a great team to help you in all aspects of your renovations, painting and stucco repair.
As we are client conscious, we are also focused on keeping our staff and or contractors safe. We carry liability insurance, WCB, licenses for the regions we service. We want to not only offer quality workmanship but peace of mind to our clients. 

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Professional Services

 We provide strategic advice, design, and skill in all facets of our work, Stucco Repair, Painting, and Renovations. We want your home, as one of the largest investments you make, to reflect just that! 

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Why Choose Us?

At DSR we  have worked with homeowners and designers to produce work we think you'll love. We work with innovative new products, or classic ones. From stucco, to painting, and stonework we can help you. Call us today and bring our project management skills and extensive experience to your home or office.